8448 Walnut Hill Lane Dallas, TX 75231



Всього сусідів

Подається 72,492 Neighbors in 2023.

38% Increase since 2022

Всього сімей


Подається 22,302 Families in 2023.

69% Increase since 2022


Загальна кількість прийомів їжі

629,260 Meals in 2023

47% Increase since 2022

It is our privilege to serve our neighbors who are new to the United States, those who have begun to put down roots in our community, and those throughout the city of Dallas who cannot quite make ends meet.

  • За минуле 14 years, ми обслуговували громаду Вікері-Медоу.
  • Наша спільнота складається з сімей з усього світу 250 країн.
  • We serve food to all neighbors who reside in one of the following zip codes: 75231, 75230, 75243 and 75238 who are in need of help.

Thanks to our Partners, Sponsors, and people like you, we are able to continue to nourish and clothe our neighbors.

2023 was a busy year for The Clothes Closet!

All items were given at no cost to our neighbors.

  • 5,314 neighbors shopped and received clothing.
  • 2,212 Children, 2,826 Adults were served.
  • Сусіди брали те, що їм було потрібно no cost.
  • Total clothing given valued at $308,017
  • 356+ Coats and Jackets at an approximate value of $10,681 
  • 55 Layettes valued at $1,925
  • $36,830 of Diapers
  • $5,000 of Children’s Books

Holiday Joy Program

  • 1,269 children from over 485 families received gifts
  • Approximately $31,725 of toys were given to families
  • Project sponsors included: Hope Supply, Toys for Tots, Fossil, Legacy Senior Living, Northhaven Coop Preschool, and Bonaventure Knitting Group.



Всього сусідів

5,314 Neighbors Received Clothes in 2023.


Всього сімей

2,569 Families Received Clothes in 2023.


Всього елементів

42,512 Items of Clothing Given in 2023.